Positions available for 2018

The 5 2018 Executive Committee members were elected at our AGM last week. Now, we have the great pleasure of appointing and electing members to the Management Committee and to undertake Convenor & Rep positions during 2018.

The UQMS 2017 Elections Guide (link) contains a full list of the positions available for election and appointment.

UQMS Management Committee

The UQMS Management Committee (MC), comprised of the five elected positions of the UQMS Executive Committee as well as a number of appointed Portfolio and Committee leaders, is the body delegated responsible for the daily operation, management, and control of the Association as well as its events, activities, and volunteers.

If you are interested in nominating for one of the positions on the MC, please follow this link to the Management Committee page and download the relevant Position Description(s). These positions are all appointed.

UQMS Convenors & Representatives

There are a number of C&R positions open for nomination for 2018. Please see the C&R page for more details, and to download the relevant Position Description(s). Roles that are currently available for nomination will have a link available. Most of these positions are elected, which will occur in the coming few weeks. Some of these positions are appointed. Details about this process are provided in the relevant Position Description.


Please read and use these forms and documents for the 2017 UQMS AGM.