There are three main aspects of the academic pursuits of the UQMS:

1. Representing the academic interests of the student body

The UQMS represents the student body on a variety of levels. Within the School of Medicine, the President, Academic VP and academic representatives sit on a variety of committees and meet with members of the School of Medicine on a regular basis to discuss student issues. These representatives facilitate curriculum feedback and refinement with the School. Representing the interests of students at a state and national level is the responsibility of the President and Liaison Officer. They liaise with AMAQ, and sit on the Queensland Medical Students’ Council and AMSA council.

2. Provision of academic services to the student body

The academic initiatives of the UQMS serve to enrich the learning experience of UQ medical students. They are largely coordinated by the Project Manager, Academic VP and academic subcommittees. Services include the UQMS NotesPool (and printing service), peer networking programs including the peer tutoring and international student buddy programs, and a variety of information evenings and workshops.

3. Delivery of the annual Errol Solomon Meyers Memorial Lecture

The ES Meyers Memorial lecture was established in 1957 to honour the work of Dr Errol Solomon Meyers. As a reflection of the ethos of his life, this public lecture comprises a forum for a person of distinction to present a perspective of endeavour and achievement.