Walsh’s Financial Planning

Specialising within the medical sector, Walsh’s provides 360 degree commercial expertise by combining traditional Accounting and Taxation with Financial Planning within the one practice. These two areas complement each other to ensure a comprehensive service offering which has been providing wealth and financial security for Medical professionals for over 25 years.

Our deep understanding of medical interns means we understand their professional lifecycle and how this should affect their investment decisions. In the early part of your career the ability to salary package, manage debt effectively and saving for your first home are your key priorities. We know this and provide mechanisms and products in order to achieve these goals. This includes access to Credit and Loan facilities specifically designed for medical interns and only available through our practice and referral partners as well as complete Salary Packaging services inclusive of claim lodgement. We can also provide access to investment products which are available ONLY to Medical professionals. These products are also only through our practice and referral partners.

To book your complimentary obligation free meeting, call now on 07 3221 5677, email on enquiries@walshs.com.au or visit our website www.walshs.com.au