UQMS kegs are themed parties bringing the social life back into med kids.

As the first event of the ‘Year of The Vic’, 2015 Keg 1 had a lot asked of it. Luckily for the returning med cohort it delivered. Displaying all the natural geekiness of a teaching-deprived medical society, and giving both the beauties and the cross-dressers amongst us opportunity to shine, the night was a roaring success. Then again; with med students already trying to procrastinate, drink deals and way too many sausages, how can you not have a great night?? So, even though we were sticking (literally) to the dance floor, the night was solid enough to change some people’s minds about The Vic, which is actually pretty impressive…

The 2015 Keg II’s Pirate Party theme at the Maritime Museum also  drew not only 6000 American Navy sailors to Brisbane that weekend but also THE Captain Jack Sparrow as well. Phase I students admirably redirected their various caffeine and lack of sleep delirium from exams and memory recall to hectic memory loss in a matter of hours. They were joined by Phase II amongst a backdrop of ships, boats and all things marine before walking the plank bootlegged to the Vic to continue the inevitable shipwreck.

2016’s Keg will bring it in the same way, if not better, so be prepared!