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Social Convenors Convenors


First Year Orientation BBQ


Exec Organised


First Year BBQ is put on by the UQMS as a way to welcome the first years to the degree.  A free BBQ, drinks, games and the traditional boat race all happen to help create a fun and social event where first years can meet their fellow students and the UQMS exec.


Keg I: Welcome Back Keg


Exec Organised 

The first and largest Keg of the year.  Traditionally held at St. Lucia it is the first event of the year where all year levels are together meeting and reconnecting with each other.


Med Camp



Juhi Loyalka, Myron Sinnappu, Goutham Sivasuthan, Patrick Bekhiit, Thushani Adikari, Tom Randell

Med Camp is an event created specially for first years to aid their transition into Med School and get them into the spirit of it all. Convenors need to plan and coordinate the day events, evening events, food, accommodation and helpers for the weekend. .


Sports Day


Appointed: Tom Randell, Mel Day, Briony Hamill and Sula Gupta

Organise and execute Sports Day - both the run and the following BBQ & activities throughout the day. Large time commitment.


Queensland Medical Orchestra



Director & Conductor: Ryan Williams

Co-Director: Andrew Hutchinson

Coordinate and execute rehearsals and performances of the Queensland Medical Orchestra (QMO). Performances held throughout the year.



Keg II


Elected: Hannah George, Caitlyn Withers, Noor Aljassim, Kate Swift, Joanna Yu, Georgia Sheedy, Neha Kumta

Responsible for organising/promoting the 2nd BBQ & Keg including choosing the theme and organising the afterparty. Held mid-year.


May Ball


Elected: Anthony Deacon, Thomas Randell, Elizabeth White, Genevieve Aisthorpe, Grace Brownlee, Honor Magon

Convene the May Ball, a black-tie event for all four years, held in May. Organise the event, ticketing, menu, door prizes and afterparty. Large time commitment.




Elected: Briony Hamill, Nathan Morgan, Melissa Day, Thomas Randell

Select a theme and organise the third BBQ & Keg including the afterparty. Held at the end of the year.


Tri-Uni Cocktail


Elected: Voting closes Feb 23

Organise and promote the integrated cocktail night for UQ, Griffith and Bond medical students. Organise ticketing and transport in coordination with Griffith and Bond Universities. Large time commitment


Med Revue


Elected: Ian Anderson, Juliana Ding, Rebecca Jenish, Jacqui Schott, Thomas Vos

Coordinate scripts/dances/music/acts/backstage/costuming/promotions and rehearsals for the Med Revue, held in August, with assistance from other students. Very large time commitment.


Ipswich Race Day


Appointed: TBA

Organise transport/promotions/tent at Ipswich Races.  Usually an Ipswich student.



Elected: Jessica Nguyen, Nikita Allan, Nathasha Wijseiniwardana, Christina Ngo-Nguyen

Organise the theme, venue and ticketing for a multi-disciplinary health sciences event including promotions to health science students. Held around Easter


First Year End of Year BBQ


Elected: Harry Thiele, Monique Hamilton, William Steadman, Peter Watson-Brown, Sarah Morten

Organise a BBQ and afternoon drinks at St Lucia following the last Med I Exam of the year. Coordinate servers & clean-up. Year I student/s.


Halfway Dinner


Elected: Antara Karmakar, Zidao Wang, Zemar Vajuhudeen, Jessica Nguyen, Briony Hamill, Joshua Power

Organise venue, sponsorship, ticketing, meals & prizes for Med II end-of-year function. Year II student/s.


Third Year Cocktails


Elected: Bridget Podbury, Tiffany Hoang, Subbuh Choudry, Mariya Hamid, Stephanie Lau, Eleanor Johnston

Organise venue, sponsorship, ticketing, cocktail menu & prizes for Med III end-of-year function. Year III student/s.


Fourth Year Boat Cruise


Elected: Voting closes Feb 23

Coordinate Med IV Whitsundays Cruise. Year IV student/s. Large time commitment


Graduation Dinner


Elected: Mr Bryan McManus, Mr Warwick Rivlin, Melissa Acreman

Organise venue, sponsorship & programs, ticketing & special guests, menu & prizes for Med IV Graduation Dinner. Year III/IV. Large time commitment.

M Card Exploratory Committee - Reporting to the Sponsorship Officer  (Simon Warry)


Elected: Voting closes Feb 23  mcardcommittee@uqms.org

The M Card Exploratory Committee is a new initiative of the UQMS in 2012. The aim is to have an 'M Card' by the end of the year to be able to sell to the general public. This card would offer a wide range of discounts, special offers, and express/free entry to a variety of retail outlets and night spots. 
CLICK HERE for a position description



Most convenors are elected at the first Ordinary General Meeting of the year.


UQMS members intending to nominate as social convenors should be aware of the following expectations:

1.     Social convenors report to the Executive regarding the organization of their event.

2.     Social convenors are required to work within a budget that they prepare and forward to the Executive for approval. 

3.     Social convenors are expected to create a handover document for their successor.



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