Forget the academic calendar, what you really need to keep you sane and get you through your years at med school is the UQMS Social Calendar. Get creative, get social, and get keen to make new friends and party harder than you ever have before – because that’s what med school is all about, right?

The UQMS has a proud history of social events run by the students, for the students. We believe that through a healthy balance between study and socialising, students receive the full benefit of a medical degree. The social events are a great way to make new friends who will support you throughout your degree as fellow students and in future, as fellow colleagues.

The social portfolio organises social events, sporting competitions and Med Revue, so whether you want to throw around a ball, act on the stage or just go to parties, there is a social event for everybody at the UQMS. Events such as Family Day Picnic are a great way for fellow students with spouses and children to meet and connect; Med Revue is a massive production involving hundreds of med students – whether you are into acting, singing, dancing, writing, directing, playing music, costume & set design or lighting; others such as Kegs are simply a great way to kick back, relax and meet some interesting people.

Volunteer event convenors play a large role in the success of the UQMS. Without their dedication, organization and persistence, most of the social events could never occur. With the help of the Social Vice President they organize sporting events, Sports Day, Kegs, May Ball, Med Revue, Race Day and end of year events such as Grad Ball and Halfway Dinner. All our events need more than one person to run, and with the help of some selfless medical students who are willing to cook a BBQ for hours on end, our events go off without a hitch.

There are many ways for all medical students to get involved, whether by convening an event, volunteering at an event, or simply by attending. So if you want to do more than just survive your medical degree – if you want to enjoy it as well – come along to UQMS social events, unwind, get loose and just have a good time!

Get Social. Get Involved.