Welcome to the reports section of the UQMS Liaison Portfolio, outlining key events, meetings of the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) Council. and the positions taken by the UQMS AMSA Representative when voting on official AMSA policy on behalf of all UQ medical students.

What are Councils and who decides on official AMSA policy?
Three times a year, the AMSA Representative from each medical school in Australia, alongside the medical society president, meet somewhere around the country to hear reports on AMSA activity, share ideas, and collaborate on official AMSA policy, which represents the beliefs and wishes of Australian medical students and thus sets the standpoint for AMSA’s advocacy on a number of key issues. Before each council, policies are released for review at each medical school and consultation with the student base is conducted by the AMSA Representative through a series of surveys, direct comments on each policy, discussion in the UQMS Policy Working Group, and an open meeting of students called an AMSA ThinkTank. With this consultation and formal consideration of each policy, the AMSA Representative and President then represent these viewpoints on the floor of AMSA Council where each policy in its reviewed form is presented and subsequently voted upon.