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Management Committee

The UQMS Management Committee includes the five elected Executive Committee positions as well as ten appointed positions, responsible for specific portfolios of the UQMS. of the Association. Altogether, this is the key body charged with the direction of the UQMS, and these ten positions are appointed for the next year by the Executive Committee following the AGM.

The MC appointment consists of an application and objective marking process, consisting of a panel of the current MC as well as both the current and incoming Vice-President responsible for that portfolio. The MC is governed by sections 7 and 8 of the Rules of the UQMS, and the appointment process is governed by the Management Committee By-Laws.

The MC are organised in two portfolios, reporting to the Vice-President Internal and Vice-President External. Please find the descriptions of the Management Committee positions below and all necessary forms and procedures here.


Advocacy Chair

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • To implement the advocacy vision as directed by the VPE
  • Advocate for the student body at UQ School of Medicine meetings including, but not limited to:
    • Discipline of Medicine meetings (along with Vice-President External)
    • Discipline of Surgery meetings (along with UQSIG Chair)
    • Regular meetings with senior members of Faculty (Head of School, Professor of Med Ed etc) with the President and Vice-President External
    • Meetings with members of Faculty regarding urgent advocacy matters pertaining to specific year levels or disciplines → reactive advocacy
    • Attend meetings in place of the Vice-President External when required
  • Oversee and assist the year level, domain and clinical school representatives
  • Organise and chair Academic Team meetings
  • Be the main contact point for all student queries regarding the Medical Program
  • Meet regularly with the Vice-President External regarding all advocacy related matters

AMSA Representative

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • To implement the advocacy vision as directed by the VPE
  • Represent UQMS to:
    • Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) during the three councils
    • Queensland Medical Students Council (QLDMSC)
    • Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) Council of Doctors in Training (CDT)
  • Promote any AMSA, QLDMSC or AMAQ CDT activities, information or events to UQMS members
  • Coordinate the UQMS delegation to the AMSA National Convention
  • Coordinate the UQMS participation within the AMSA National Blood Drive (Vampire Cup)
  • Oversee any other AMSA initiatives to be conducted by the UQMS

International Student Committee (ISC) Chair

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Oversee and lead the International Student Committee
  • Attend meetings with the Faculty of Medicine and Head of School
  • Represent the subcommittee at the appropriate UQMS Focus Group as well as to key stakeholders in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Oversee and facilitate Committee events

Sponsorship Officer

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Maintain relationships with existing partners and seek new partners where appropriate
  • Ensure agreements are appropriate and mutually beneficial
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of sponsorship packages
  • Communicate with event convenors regarding sponsorship requirements and assist in the pursuit of single event sponsorship
  • Convene the Money Matters Evening, Futures Evening and Conveners and Reps Thank You Drinks


Academic Events Coordinator

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Promotion of the UQMS Academic Events Portfolio including at 1st year orientation and on social media
  • Coordination and facilitation of all UQMS Academic events, including:
    • What I Wish I Knew In First Year
    • Year 2 Mock OSCEs
    • Year 4 Mock OSCEs
    • Ethics Debate
    • Clinical School Information Night (with CS reps)
    • Year 4 Internship Information Nights
    • Pre-Elective Workshop
  • Oversee the following positions:
    • Academic subcommittee
    • ES Meyers Convenors
    • Leadership and Development Workshop Convenors
    • Peer Tutoring Coordinator(s)

Affiliates Council Chair

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Improve dialogue and communication between the six affiliate organisations and UQMS: DEA (Doctors for the Environment), SWIM (Supporting Women in Medicine), GPSN (GP Student Network), TROHPIQ (UQ rural health club), TIME (UQ global health club), Rainbow Med (LGBTIQ Medical Student Network), Singapore Medical Association of Queensland (SMAQ).
  • Attend and chair Medical Students’ Board and Affiliates Council meetings

Incision Chair

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Give direction and provide leadership to achieve Incision UQ’s goals and objectives
  • Act as the official spokesperson for Incision UQ
  • Assume responsibility for Incision UQ’s ongoing success and be aware of the requirements of the self autonomous committee under the bylaws as they exist with reference to the current constitution, and other relevant Acts, Regulation and rules, and who is responsible for what duties

Community Officer

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Act as the Managing Director of the Ashintosh Foundation and report to the Ashintosh Board at regular intervals
  • Oversee the Ashintosh Foundation Management Committee
  • Assist the Ashintosh Treasurer with the annual budget, changeover of the board with ASIC, changing over signatories and day-to-day finances
  • Oversee and facilitate Teddy Bear Hospital and Innovation Grants
  • Oversee and facilitate events, fundraisers and sporting events

Engagement Officer

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Administer the various UQMS social media accounts and ensure the social media policy is followed
  • Ensure the website is successfully updated and ensure that content remains current and relevant
  • Collate and distribute Noticeboard
  • Manage the media and public relations of the UQMS
  • Oversee and assist the following positions:
    • Trephine Team
    • Primum Team
    • Marketing Officer
    • Merchandise Officer
    • Orientation Convenor

UQMind Chair

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • External advocacy and communication including working with Doctor’s Health Advisory Service
  • (QLD), other student societies wellbeing representatives, AMSA Mental Health campaign coordinator, Beyond Blue and other community organisations and School of Medicine
  • Advocating for student self-care and wellbeing and assist students in seeking support
  • Coordinate the efforts of the UQMS to improve issues in student health
  • Communicate with members regarding student health issues, new initiatives and opportunities for involvement in the wellbeing work of the UQMS
  • Support and lead the UQMind Subcommittee

Social Officer

Full Position Description available here (link)

  • Promotion of the UQMS Social Portfolio including at 1st year orientation and on social media
  • Oversee and facilitate UQMS social events in conjunction with social convenors, including:
    • Med Camp
    • Sports Day
    • Keg I, II and III
    • Tomfoolery
    • May Ball
    • First Year End of Year BBQ
    • Halfway Dinner
    • Third Year Cocktails
    • Graduation Ball