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Executive Committee

The UQMS Annual General Meeting is traditionally held in the second half of the year. The AGM is an opportunity for the UQMS Executive and Management Committees to update members on the activities of the Association, provide a financial update and statement for the previous financial year, raise any important notices or issues with the members, recognise achievements and contributions to the UQMS, and to conduct elections for the Executive Committee of the forthcoming year.

The UQMS EC are the five elected representatives of the Association. The President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Treasurer, and Secretary have general control and management of the administration, property, and funds of the UQMS. The EC positions are held for a year, and are elected by a vote of UQMS members at the AGM each year. The AGM is conducted according to the UQMS Electoral and Voting By-Laws and the EC is governed by Section 6 of the Rules of the UQMS.

Please find details and Position Descriptions of the EC below, and all necessary forms and procedures for going for these positions here.


  • Image of the UQMS and External Representation of the Society
    • Act as the public face of the society and speak on formal occasion
    • Chair General Meetings
    • Represent UQMS to external stakeholders
  • Internal Management of the Management and Executive Committees
    • Mitigate and resolve conflict
    • Maintain a professional standard of conduct
    • Ensure activities are in line with the strategic goals of the UQMS
    • Chair Management and Executive Committee meetings
  • Strategic Direction of the Society
    • With the Management Committee, encourage and direct changes and improvements to the way the society functions
    • Ensure strategic plans are set and met
    • Ensure the Society remains representative, sustainable and viable into the future

Vice-President Internal

  • Internal management of the society
  • Support and assist the following portfolios
    • Social Portfolio, headed by the Social Officer
    • Wellbeing portfolio, headed by the UQMind Chair
    • Academic Events portfolio, headed by the Academic Events Officer
    • Community portfolio, headed by the Community Officer
    • Surgical portfolio, headed by the UQSIG Chair
    • Engagement portfolio, headed by the Engagement Officer
  • Strategic planning – evaluating the broad range of services offered by the UQMS, assessing their impact and developing a roadmap to ensure the UQMS is providing a premier experience to all of its members
  • Work with the Management Committee to fulfill their objectives and obligations including governance and strategic planning

Vice-President External

  • Advocate for the student body at UQ School of Medicine meetings, with the UQMS President and Advocacy Officer
  • Develop and refine long-term advocacy goals
  • Oversee and assist the Advocacy, Sponsorship, AMSA and International portfolios
  • Work with the Management Committee to fulfill their objectives and obligations including governance and strategic planning


  • Responsible for the finances of the society, including:
    • Audits and financial statements
    • Reimbursements and paying invoices
    • Reviewing budgets
    • Invoicing sponsors
    • Entering financial information, reconciling accounts, BAS
    • AGM/OGM – reporting budgeted and actual expenditures, presenting the audit, presenting the prospective budget
    • Oversee and lead the Finance Committee
  • Work with the Management Committee to fulfill their objectives and obligations including governance and strategic planning


  • Coordinate Management and Executive Committee Meetings
  • Compile and circulate the UQMS calendar at the start of the year and keep it up to date throughout the year
  • Ensure UQMS operates according to Rules and legislation
  • Coordinate membership drive at orientation, assist with membership database and any membership issues
  • Coordinate Annual General Meeting (AGM), Ordinary General Meeting (OGM), Elections and the pre- and post- election events
  • Act as the primary contact for Professor Pearn
  • Facilitate communication and foster collaboration between the UQMS and affiliates groups
  • They will act as one of the 7 working members representing the UQMS in the UQU Medical Students Board
  • Oversee and assist the Elections Officer and IT Officer
  • Work with the Management Committee to fulfil their objectives and obligations including governance and strategic planning