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Contact Us About UQMS

Feel free to contact anyone on the UQMS Executive, but your enquiry will be answered faster if you direct your question to the person in charge of the relevant portfolio.

Management Committee

  • President - Rhys Thomas


    As head of the UQMS, the President manages the Executive Committee and coordinates the activities of the Society. The President makes official speeches at important events such as ANZAC Day and the E.S. Meyers lecture, chairs Executive Committee meetings and General Meetings of the Society, and represents students on the PPD (Ethics) Interview Panel. It is ultimately the responsibility of the President to ensure the continued success of the Society.

  • Vice-President (Academic) - Zachary Tan


    The Academic Vice President's role can be broken down into student advocacy, policy development and academic services. The Academic Vice President overseas and coordinates all initiatives of the UQMS academic representatives, as well as chairs all meetings of the academic subcommittees and the International Subcommittee. At the SoM level, the Academic VP sits on the Curriculum Committee, Teaching & Learning Committee, and Domain subcommittees; formulates policy for submission to the SoM; and gives official UQMS responses to school academic proposals & policy.

  • Vice-President (Social) - Alexandra Walton


    The Social Vice President oversees and coordinates all UQMS social convenors. The Social VP ensures that event convenors are supplied with the information and resources they require and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of social events.

  • Treasurer - Robert Nayer


    The Treasurer ensures that the finances of the Society are sound. The Treasurer oversees the budget for all UQMS events, ensures that all students are covered by Public Liability Insurance, and is responsible for the accounting of all financial data. The Treasurer coordinates the quarterly Business Activity Statements and the annual Audit of the accounts and ensures that all transactions are open for inspection by Society members. With the Sponsorship Officer, the Treasurer organizes the annual Finance Evening.

  • Secretary - Emily Shao


    The Secretary ensures that all official documentation of the Society is accurate. The Secretary documents the minutes of official UQMS meetings and ensures that the meetings are run in accordance with the UQMS Constitution. The Secretary additionally oversees the correct running of the Society's elections and is responsible for ensuring UQMS Web's contents reflect the interests of the Society.

  • Liaison Officer - Aditi Halder


    The Liaison Officer represents UQ at several key external organizations. The Liaison Officer sits on the Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) Branch Council, the Queensland Medical Students Council (QMSC), the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Council and the AMAQ Council of Residents and Registrars (CoRR).

  • Sponsorship Officer - Simon Warry


    The Sponsorship Officer is responsible for maintaining relationships with financial partners of the UQMS and for sourcing new sponsors. The Sponsorship Officer also organises Careers and Specialties Evenings (with the Liaison Officer) and Finance Evening (with the Treasurer).

  • Community Officer - Rebecca Conrick


    The Community Officer is responsible for the day to day running of the Ashintosh Foundation. The Ashintosh Foundation runs Teddy Bear Hospital statewide and has several elective grants for students. There are several events throughout the year which raise money to support the work of the Ashintosh Foundation, including Coffeehouse, Battle of the Bands, Jazz Gala, several Qld Medical Orchestra concerts and a new initiative for 2013 the Short Case Theatre Company. Along with Ashintosh Foundation events the Community officer initiates several events through the year to support the medical community, including family picnics and the Patron's Rowing Regatta (with the Social VP). More information about the Ashintosh Foundation can be found at http://ashintosh.org

  • Education Officer - Anthony Saponara


    The Education Officer coordinates and oversees all the academic events. Aside from events, the Education Officer also organises peer tutoring, Notespool, Trephine and the International Buddy System. Under the Education Portfolio sits the Education Subcommittee, which help organise the academic events, as well as the UNMDG Subcommittee, which coordinates and runs the UNMDG Project.

  • Immediate Past President - Claire Mohr


    The Immediate Past President has a vital role in the society, ensuring continuity in the direction and traditions of the Society and offering advice to the incoming Executive.

  • Immediate Past Treasurer - Libby Forbes


    Immediate Past Treasurer supports the incumbent Treasurer and also acts as the Ashintosh Foundation Treasurer

UQMS Representatives & Convenors

For contact details of all UQMS Representatives, Convenors and Officers, please see here.

UQMS Office | Administration Assistant - Ellen Lacey


The office is located on level 3 of the Health Sciences Building (B16) at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Herston (see map).

Office Hours
Applicable from 1st March 2014 until 8th June 2014
Tuesday 9:00am – 1:00pm
Thursday 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm

Phone: 3365 5261

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