Well Being

The study of medicine can be very difficult at times.  You or a friend may not be coping with the stresses of having to balance study, work and a social life.  This page contains information about resources that students can use for support.  If you are struggling, get help.  The support contacts and organisations listed here operate on a confidential basis.

The primary point of call with in the UQMS if you are looking for peer support is the UQMS President. Tom Pearson is available 24/7 at or on 0404 098 490.

University of Queensland Counselling Services:

Free, confidential and objective personal and careers counselling is available to students of the Graduate School of Medicine St Lucia Campus:

Face-to face or telephone appointments can be arranged through Student Services – Telephone 3365 1704.

Students are welcome to discuss absolutely anything of concern.   No issue is too small if it bothers you.  In the past some students have been reluctant to seek counselling, fearing this may be an indicator of weakness or not coping.  To the contrary, seeking assistance from qualified external sources is an indication of good self-management and can enhance one’s ability to be effective as a practitioner by providing you with increased skills.  The pressures and strains of a profession such as medicine predispose practitioners to burn out and result in a reduced quality of life and sense of well-being if self-care is not attended to.
Issues that students have sought assistance in managing include, but are not limited to:

•    Feeling stressed or burnt out
•    Feeling sad or depressed
•    Relationships
•    Family concerns
•    Study concerns
•    Sleeping difficulties
•    Anxiety
•    A recent crisis
•    Loss & grief
•    Career or employment issues

This service is provided as part of UQ Student Support Services. Your attendance is private and confidential.  This service is independent from the School of Medicine