The UQMS is committed to providing support for students in their studies and as such this is one of the most important parts of the academic portfolio. Student support initiatives include programs such as peer tutoring, supplemental tutoring and the ‘what I wish I knew’ series.

Peer Tutoring

The UQMS offers a facilitated Peer Tutoring Program for all medical students enrolled in years 1 and 2 to help reinforce the medical school curriculum. All of this is provided completely free! In 2016 this will be organised by Beau Frigault and Nicola Keen, the new Peer Tutoring Coordinator (EMAIL tbc). More information will be provided in the early weeks of semester.

Supplemental Tutoring

Supplemental tutoring is provided for students who do not pass an assessment piece throughout the course of the program. This tutoring is provided by students in older years and is facilitated by the relevant year level representative. All information is kept strictly confidential so only the year level representative and tutor know the student’s name.

What I Wish I Knew Series

Following the highly successful ‘What I Wish I Knew in First Year’ event in 2015 this series is being expanded in 2016 to include ‘What I Wish I Knew in Third Year’. These events are held in the first few weeks of years one and three respectively. In these events students from older years present a summary of information aimed to help students survive third year. These presentations are followed by a panel discussion where students can ask specific questions about any of their concerns regarding phase 2.

Information about Supplementary Assessment

In the event of not receiving a passing grade students may be allowed to sit a supplementary examination. The contents of this exam vary depending on the course that is being assessed:

Phase 1:


  • Clinical science
  • The supplementary exam will include all THREE of a theory exam, image exam and an anatomy spotter regardless of the marks received for each individual piece.
  • No supps are provided for the mid semester exam as a pass mark is not required. If you do not pass the mid semester exam it is highly encouraged that you make use of the meetings provided by the course coordinator.
  • Clinical skills
  • Supplementary assessment will be provided as necessary for each piece of assessment throughout the semester
  • Ethics & Global courses
  • If assessment throughout semester is failed a supplementary piece will be provided. Contact the course coordinator if there are any issues.
  • This does not apply to ethics where you only need to pass overall.
  • If a pass mark is not attained in the end of semester exam then a supplementary exam will be provided. This exam will follow the same format as the original but have different questions.


Phase 2:

Supplementary assessment in phase 2 depends on the assessment piece in question. For more information contact the discipline to discuss what will happen.

Where to go if you need help

There are many avenues for support with very few being made clear to students. We have tried to combine a comprehensive list below. If you have any further queries or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact Jordan the AVP (External), Tom the AVP (Internal) or your year level rep (LINK TO PAGE HERE).

  • If you are experiencing any issues at all it is important that you contact SOM to let them know. They will do everything they can to help you and can only do that if they are made aware. These email addresses are,, and .
    • Where appropriate SOM can organize a meeting for you with one of the program directors. This has been extremely helpful for students in the past so don’t be put off by this. SoM is just trying to do everything they can to help you through the course.
  • UQ provides a free counselling service for students. More information is available here
  • DHASQ provides 24/7 telephone support for students and doctors. If you are experiencing any problems please contact them at 3833 4352. More information is available here
  • Lastly, UQMind (the UQMS wellbeing committee) is a new initiative for 2016 who will work to improve awareness and support for student mental health.

General Enquiries or Suggestions

If you have any other ideas for initiatives that the UQMS can provide please contact Jordan (, Tom ( or the relevant year level or CS rep.