Events and Lecture Series

There are a lot of exciting events in the academic calendar for 2016! Please note that the dates are subject to change throughout the year and may not be kept up to date on this page. For more information please see the calendar, look out for the events on Facebook or in the Noticeboard.

This list is not exhaustive and doesn’t include focus groups or the phase 1 physiology, ethics and anatomy reviews.

What I Wish I Knew Series
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
What I Wish I Knew in 3rd Yr 18/01/16 Tom Randell
What I Wish I Knew in 1st Yr 15/02/16 Jordan Budgen
Other Academic Events
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
Ethics Debate 26/04/16 Academic Subcommittee
Year 4 mOSCEs 4/06/16-12/06/16 Year 4 Rep
Year 2 mOSCEs 13/08/16 – 28/08/16 Year 3 Rep
Clinical School Information Night 19/07/16 Jordan/Tom?
Medical Specialties Night 16/08/16 Academic Subcomm
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
Networking Lunch 16-Feb


Basic Surg Skills Workshop 23-Apr
Amazing Surgeons Seminar 6/30/2016
Surgical Skills Competition 13-Aug
Advanced Surgical Skills Worskshop 28/5/2016
Trauma/CC/Anaesthetics Workshop 23/7/2016
Orthopedic Seminar 26-Oct
O&G Workshop 6-Aug
Surgical Specialties Evening 5/10/16
Research in Surgery TBD
International Subcommittee
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
Information Evening 1 March International Subcomm
Canadian Residency Workshop TBD
Information Evening 2 October
Clinical School Events
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
We are hoping to provide some events for specific clinical schools throughout this year. Watch this space!
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
Student Research Expo CHECK THIS Research Rep
Student Research Conference October
Global & Community Health
Event Proposed Date Organiser/Convenor
Year 2 Global Health Conference TBD SoM/GCHSC
Pre-elective Workshop 1/10/16 GCHSC