The UQ MBBS/MD program allows for 2 electives; the Year 1 elective (observership) and the optional elective for years 3 and 4

Year 1 Elective (Observership)

The year 1 elective is one of the most enjoyable parts of the phase 1 program for many students. With changes to the elective over recent years there are now more options and opportunities for students to consider when planning the elective. Domestic students do the elective for 4 weeks while Ochsner students do an 8 week elective. It is important to note that students need to find a placement for themselves with the placements provided later in the year by UQ to be a last resort as there are not enough of these places to go around. Some useful points and resources are included below:

  • The UQMS electives database
    • Please note that this database is very heavily skewed towards UQ clinical schools.
  • OS-HELP Loans
  • UQ Study tours. 2015 information is available here
  • More information about the year 1 elective is on the SoM website here

Pre-Elective Workshop (if this could please be a lower level header than the above as I have tried to show)

The UQMS, through the Global and Community Healthy Subcommittee, provide a pre-elective workshop towards the end of the year to help prepare students with some basic first aid and clinical skill practice before their elective.

Phase 2 Elective

UQ also provides the opportunity to undertake an elective during phase 2. More information is available here

Other electives resources include: