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Academic Committees and Representatives Committees & Reps

Academic Representatives and Committees
Academic representatives and convenors are elected at the first Ordinary General Meeting of the year. Academic Officers are appointed towards the end of each calendar year.  Academic representatives are expected to represent the interests of the student body by adhering to the academic policies of the UQMS.
Year Level Academic Representatives (4)
Year 1: Shanalie Dias

Year 2: Vandit Bhasin

Year 3: Ivana Jovanovic

Year 4: Emma Ferguson
Year level academic representatives are responsible for representing the academic interests of their peers to the Academic VP and the School of Medicine. They meet with the Academic VP regularly to discuss the delivery of the MBBS program and plans for improving the student experience. Similarly, they relay information to the student body concerning initiatives and opportunities within the School and university. The four representatives sit with the Academic VP on the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee (every two months), and collaborate with the Academic VP to submit proposals as necessary.
Year 1 and Year 2 representatives are responsible for chairing their respective UQMS focus group* meetings (quarterly). 
Domain Committee Representatives (4)
BMS Domain: Nikita Allan

CS Domain: Sarah Ryan

GH Domain: Susannah Gattas
EPP Domain: Laura Kwon


Domain committee representatives attend their respective School of Medicine domain committee meetings (quarterly). They are responsible for representing the interests of the student body in relation to the four domains of the MBBS program - biomedical sciences (BMS), clinical sciences (CS), population health (PH), and ethics and professional practice (EPP). They liaise with the Academic VP to discuss the outcomes of the meetings and plan proposals for the committees as necessary.

The EPP domain committee domain representative is responsible for coordinating the UQMS Ethics debates in liaison with the UQMS Exec.

The clinical sciences domain committee predominantly concerns administration of year 3 and 4 rotations, therefore the representative to this committee must be a year 3 or 4 student. All other representatives may be from year 2, 3 or 4.
Clinical School Representatives (13)
RBWH: Joe Passantino

PA/Southside: Annabelle Wellham southside.cs@uqms.org

Mater: Jeffrey Cheng


Greenslopes: Kate Engelke

Wesley/St.Andrews: Don Zhang

Northside: Daniel Lancini

Ipswich: Brendan Hunter

Sun. Coast: Bryan McManus
Rural Clinical Schools

Toowoomba: Justin Jin

Rockhampton: Charlotte Piesse

Bundaberg: Leigh Waters

Hervey Bay: Georgie James
International Clinical Schools

Ochsner: John Sisney


  Appointed By Application
The clinical school representatives liaise with the Academic VP and their respective Heads of Clinical School to discuss issues affecting students at each of the clinical teaching sites in year 3 and 4. They provide feedback to the clinical school on the delivery of rotations and the student experience as well as work with the Academic VP to implement projects, including the clinical school student handbook. Representatives are encouraged to sit on hospital committees as a medical student representative where applicable. 
Ipswich Campus Representatives (3)
Ipswich Campus Officer (Appointed): Robin Ulep (MBBS II)
Year 1: Tom Pearson  

Year 2: Zemar Vajuhudeen

Community: Brendan Hunter


The Ipswich Campus representatives represent the academic and social interests of medical students studying at UQ Ipswich Campus. In regard to their academic responsibilities, they meet with the Academic VP, Year 1 academic representative and the Academic Program Manager for the Ipswich Campus (Dr. Phil Towers) to discuss the delivery of the first two years of the MBBS program at Ipswich. They also liaise with the Social VP to organise social functions for Ipswich medical students.
The UQMS Ipswich office is maintained by the three campus representatives.  The Ipswich Officer is contactable on ipswich@uqms.org.  
International Subcommittee (6)
International Officer (Appointed): Linda Lin (MBBS III)
Year 1: Jonathan Buttery

Year 2: Wenxin Cai

Year 3: Antonia Morris

Year 4: Daniel Beamish

Ochsner Rep: Laura Alder & Rock Charles

The International Subcommittee meet regularly with the Academic VP to discuss issues affecting international students. They plan the International Student Evenings where they present information to new and current international students about adjusting to the medical course, managing finances, opportunities within the School of Medicine , and planning for overseas examinations. They maintain the International Students' Guide on the UQMS website and assist at International Student Orientation Day in the following calendar year. The International Officer is contactable on international@uqms.org.  
United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG) Subcommittee (5)
Project Convenor (Appointed): Ian Anderson (MBBS III)
Pre-Clinical member: Samantha Jackson, Thomas Vos
Clinical member: Jeffrey Cheng
The UQ UNMDG Project is a joint venture of the School of Medicine and the UQMS to address the challenges of global health. At UQ, the project has a dual focus on Developing World Health and Australian Indigenous Health. The UNMDG subcommittee facilitate the delivery and implementation of the four components of the project.
    1. Curriculum: Refinement and addition of related content
    2. UNMDG website: Facilitates teaching, learning and awareness
    3. Extracurricular activities: Year 1 elective workshops, seminars, clinical experiences
    4. Awareness: Within the School of Medicine and broader community
The core project team consists of the Deputy Head of School (Prof. Cleghorn), International Manager, Academic VP and UNMDG Project Convenors. The UNMDG Project Convenor is contactable on unmdg@uqms.org.To learn more about the project, please visit the UNMDG website.
UQ Surgical Interest Group (UQSIG) (5)
Chair (Appointed): Darius Ashrafi (MBBS IV)
Functions Officer: Matthew Fielder
Logistics Officer: Grace Brownlee
Seminars Officer: Alex Yuen
Workshops Officer: Kuhan Kunarajah
There are two facets to the UQ Surgical Interest Group. They meet regularly with the Education Officer to plan information evenings and workshops for the student body. They also meet with RACS and UQ SOM to help coordinate, run and participate in the annual surgical skills competitions. They coordinate the Surgical Specialties Evening, Advanced and Basic Surgical Skills Workshops, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Workshop, Critical Care and Anaesthetics Workshop, Anatomy 101, and Journal Club. The UQSiG Chair is contactable at uqsig.chair@uqms.org.
Research Subcommittee (3)
Research Officer (Appointed): Kimberly Chung
Pre-Clinical Rep: Aditi Halder and Ridhwan "Riddie" Shams  
Clinical Rep: Justin Parr
The research subcommittee is responsible for promoting research opportunities to the student body. They meet with the Academic VP to plan the annual Honours Research Workshop in January as well as facilitate the UQMS Research Network (ResNet) publication and mini-conference. The Research officer is contactable on research@uqms.org.   
Liaison Assistants

UQMS Ink and website editor: Ridhwan Shams, Sam Yuan
Leadership development co-ordinator: Arif Uddin
Pre-Clinical and Clinical Assistant Editors meet with the External Advocacy Officer to help develop and manage style, content and layout of the UQMS INK publication. Helping to ensure the publication reflects the needs and interests of their respective areas (Pre-clinical and Clinical years), the Assistant Editors will help to solicit content from students and affiliate groups. The Chief Editor position is filled by the External Advocacy Officer.
CLICK HERE for the Position Description of the UQMS Ink and website editor
CLICK HERE for the Position Description of the Leadership development co-ordinator
Trephine Editors
Trephine is the annual publication and yearbook of the UQMS. It contains reports from the UQMS executive, affiliate groups, and social event convenors as wells as photographic nostalgia from throughout the year. Trephine Profiles comprise the most significant section, consisting of personal portfolios on Year 2 students submitted by their peers.
The editorial team is coordinated by the Community Officer. The editors meet early in the year to begin planning the content and layout of Trephine and are responsible for collecting articles and Year 2 portfolios from the student body. An Editor-in-Chief is selected from amongst the editors following election.
Trephine editors must be Year 2 students.
N.B. Candidates can nominate individually or as a team

The team for 2013 is Joshua Mauro, Donna Lu, Juliana Ding, Amy Schmidt, Zachary Tan. Email
ES Meyers Memorial Lecture Convenors
2012: Divya Viswanathan, Jessica Page
2013: Patrick Tunney, Fauzia Muhammed and Ona Okon
2014: Zachary Tan, Matthew Fielder, Ian Anderson

The ES Meyers Memorial Lecture was established in 1957 to honour the work of Dr Errol Solomon Meyers. The lecture comprises a forum for a person of distinction to present a perspective of endeavour and achievement and is usually held in August or September. This is the largest and most prestigious academic event the UQMS holds Annually and is arguably one of the largest lectures of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Convenors are elected one calendar year in advance to allow time for planning the event and approaching speakers in collaboration with the President and Academic VP. The newly elected convenor will also assist the current convenor. Candidates from Year 1, 2 or 3 may nominate for the position.
CLICK HERE for the Position Description of the ES Meyers Memorial Lecture Convenor.
Ceremony Convenors
ANZAC Ceremony:
Ona Okon (appointed)
  Appointed By Application
The UQMS ANZAC ceremony is held annually on the steps of Mayne Medical School and includes a march by those currently serving in the Defence force. The event is coordinated by the Defence Force Convenor and the UQMS executive. This position is appointed each year by application in November/December.
Anatomy Thanksgiving Service:
Anatomy and Surgery Subcommitte Year 1 Rep
The School of Biomedical Sciences holds the annual anatomy thanksgiving service to honour those who donate their bodies for teaching and research. Student representatives from all of the disciplines who study anatomy are required to assist in the service. Traditionally this has been a student from MBBS I.
The UQMS representative is responsible for promoting the service to the student body and meeting with the Anatomy department to coordinate the service. They are a member of the service procession and light a ceremonial candle on behalf of medical students.
Intern Placement Representative
Ballot Observer
 The Ballot Observer communicates between Queensland Health and Year 4 students to coordinate the Intern Placement and Ballot Program. The representative is a Year 4 student appointed by the executive committee and has traditionally been the Immediate Past President.
Hospital Information Evening
Hospital Information Evening Convenors liaise with QHealth, QLD hospital representatives and the UQMS executive to organise an information evening for Year 4 students about intern training hospitals in Queensland. They are Year 4 students appointed by the UQMS executive.
UQMS Focus Groups
UQMS focus groups are designed to assist the Year 1 and Year 2 Academic Representatives to efficiently gather student feedback and perspective from their cohort. They are also an opportunity to discuss issues with other UQMS academic representatives. The focus group consists of the UQMS elected year level academic representatives, domain committee representatives and subcommittee members in that year level. Year level represenatives and leaders from affiliate groups TIME, SWIM and TROPHIQ are also invited. Focus groups are chaired by the Year 1 and Year 2 academic representatives and outcomes are reported to the Academic VP.
Year 1 UQMS Focus Group
Year 2 UQMS Focus Group
Year 1 Academic Rep (Co-Chair)
Academic Vice-President (Co-Chair)
Invited Year 1 UQMS Representatives and Affiliate group representatives.
Year 2 Academic Rep (Chair)
Academic Vice-President (Observer)
Invited Year 2 UQMS Representatives and Affiliate group representatives.
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