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About UQMS Introduction

About the UQMS

The University of Queensland Medical Society (UQMS) is a not for profit organisation that aims to serve over 1200 1400 1600 1800 medical students enrolled at the University of Queensland.
We are a student-run incorporated society independent of the University of Queensland Union. An elected executive committee oversees the management of the Society, with crucial support from dozens of volunteer social convenors and academic representatives

Full membership of the UQMS is open to all medical students enrolled at the University of Queensland.
We can be contacted on our forums or more directly, via our contacts page.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to be regarded as the peak body concerning medical student education issues at the University of Queensland.

Among our long-term objectives are:
  • To advance and promote the interests of medical students at the University of Queensland;
  • To enrich both the social and academic environments of medical study;
  • To promote and foster links and professional associations with student colleagues at other medical schools within Australia and overseas; and
  • To promote the health of the community via participation in community projects and charity functions.

The UQMS works to achieve its mission and meet its goals by networking within the wider medical profession, fostering the development of partnerships with sponsors, and by raising the Society's profile in the public eye. Through our advocacy and community activities, the UQMS will ensure its members graduate from the University of Queensland with more than just a degree.
The official UQMS Mascot is Ashintosh Macopenjy. The mascot can be seen at all official UQMS meetings. The UQMS motto, displayed under the skull of Ashintosh, is "domine nos dirige". This is best translated as "God help us" – entirely appropriate.
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