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Keg III 2014

We would like invite everyone to our Post-Exam Luau. Very rarely does keg 3 fall at such an opportune time, Phase 2 on holidays, year 2 finished with mid-sems & Years 1's completed medi1012 midsem. So we are looking forward to a big night.
For anyone one feeling sentimental this will be our resident DJ Ged Forrest's last keg and he's promised us he's going to put on quite the performance.

Theme: Hawaiian Luau - the uglier the shirt the better, coconuts & grass skirts are encouraged, and leis will be provided at the door.

Closed in shoes and shirts are a must, or no after party.

Venue has a max capacity, so buy tickets quickly.

Tickets: here!
20$ for Members
25$ For non-members
Includes the usual keg package (vegetarian and GF options will be available, and our meat is all Halal)
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Nominate for UQMS Management Committee, Ashintosh Committee, and Graduation Ball Convenors

The Annual General Meeting of the UQMS in 2014 will be held on Tuesday October 14th, at 6.30pm AEST (Brisbane time) on Level 3 of the Health Sciences Building, RBWH. This meeting incorporates the election of the UQMS Management Committee, and UQMS Convenor Positions: the Ashintosh Committee Members, and Graduation Ball Convenors for 2015.

An executive information session will be held at Saint Lucy's at 9:30am on September 14th. If you want to know more about any of the exec positions please come along and register your interest here.
It's highly recommended that if you are nominating for a position, you attend the UQMS Leadership Development Workshop, so don't forget to sign up here

There are a total of 15 Positions open for nomination: 9 UQMS Management Committee positions, 5 Ashintosh Committee Members, and the Graduation Ball Convenor Position. Nominations open as of September 5th 6:30pm, and will close on September 23rd at 6:30pm AEST. Prospective nominees should acquaint themselves with the following documentation:
  • Please view these Further Guidelines, which indicate requirements for candidate statements and electoral conduct. Specifically, it details grounds for disqualification.
      • Gifts are used to promote their candidacy
      • The candidate runs as a slate
      • The candidate uses the UQMS’s resources to promote their candidacy
Each ordinary (full) UQMS member has the right to participate in the election process: as a nominee, a nominator or as a voter.


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UQMS Clinical Teaching Awards 2014

Our medical education is shaped by the efforts of our teachers and role models who go the above and beyond, and provide us with exceptional teaching. The vast majority of these individuals do so without any expectation of formal recognition or payment, but their efforts make an immeasurable impact on our training and learning.

Each year, the UQMS attempts to recognise these teachers and role models through its Teaching Awards. As per tradition, winners of these Awards are recognised at the annual E.S. Meyers Memorial Lecture, the premier academic event of the UQ School of Medicine and UQMS annually (visit www.esmeyers.org or http://bit.ly/esmeyers2014 for more information). Nominations are sought from all medical students at UQ, and based on the merit of the written nomination, are awarded by the UQMS.


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E.S. Meyers Memorial Lecture 2014 | Dr Mark Loane AM | www.esmeyers.org

You are cordially invited to the 2014 E.S. Meyers Memorial Lecture, “Reflections on 20 Years of Remote Eye Health”, delivered by Dr Mark Loane AM - register your attendance at www.esmeyers.org.


Dr Loane is a highly respected ophthalmologist with a strong legacy of delivering eye health services to indigenous and remote communities across Australia. His multi-dimensional career has spanned from serving as captain of the Australian Wallabies, to serving now as the National Chair of the Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service where he conducts regular missions throughout remote Australia. In 2011, Dr Loane was named as a Member of the Order of Australia for service to medicine, particularly to the communities of northern Queensland.


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AMSA Council III guest applications

Council III will be held in Hobart, 18-20 October. In addition to Liaison Officer and President, UQMS is permitted to send a limited number of guests. Guests will be required to pay for flights and accommodation.

AMSA has stated that the cost of Council will be $285 with accommodation and $220 without accommodation, in addition to flights.

Guests will be selected by application and voted upon by the UQMS Management committee.

Applicants for Council II will be selected against the following criteria:

1. What they intend to contribute at council

- An example of this would be presentation of a policy

2. History of student advocacy and leadership, such as:

- Involvement with UQMS or other student committees

- Contributions at previous AMSA councils

- Other examples of giving back to the student body

3.Potential future benefits to the student body from their attendance at Council

- What do you plan to do with the experience you’ve gained at Council?

Interested applicants should complete both of the following tasks by 30 August:

1. Send an application, of up to 300 words, detailing their eligibility (against the criteria outlined above) to liaison@uqms.org

2. Complete the following form https://amsaorgau.wufoo.eu/forms/hobart-council-2014-guest-application/

For further information, contact liaison@uqms.org
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UQMS FIFA World Cup 2014

The 2014 FIFA Virtual World Cup is coming to the UQMS! Finally something that will pay off for your procrastination during exam week. Find out who the FIFA champions of UQ Med are and in case you forgot how emotionally invested FIFA can make you... youtube.com/watch?v=pT9Gv03pjnE.

Registration (Google Form) is open for everyone - you don’t need to be a FIFA regular! Enter now in pairs (2) now as a pair (2) to represent one of the 32 nations competing in Brazil. You can also enter alone and be paired with other singles. There will be plenty of food, banter, tears and prizes!

Tournament details:
Date: 12th July 2014
Venue: PBL Rooms, Health Sciences Building, RBWH

Entree fee: $10 single, $20 per team - Pay here.


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Seeking new I.T. Officer!

Seeking a new I.T. Officer for @UQMS!

For more details, email it@uqms.org and see the overview: UQMS I.T. Officer - Basic Overview 2014 [PDF].

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